Wildflower Route – West of Lake Buchanan 2012

The following is a route and a few pictures taken on a cycling ride west of Lake Buchanan, TX on March 12, 2012.  In most areas the bluebonnets and paintbrushes were far from fully developed.  Later pictures should be available to post by the end of March.  This is a very good wildflower year.

First… The Route.

2012 Llano County Wildflower Route

29 mile wildflower route.

To begin, go to the Lone Grove Community Center at the intersection of FM2241 and Llano CR216.  From the Buchanan – Inks Visitor Center drive west to FR261 which bears off to the right from TX29 about 1-1/2 miles west of the visitor Center.  If you reach the intersection of TX29 and FM1431, you passed 261.  Take a right on 1431 and follow to to 261 then take a left there and continue north and west on 261 to Bluffton and go straight which will have you on FM 2241 at that point.  About 5 miles west of Bluffton (261 and 2241) you will come to CR216 which goes off to the right.  The Lone GRove Community Center is on your right.  That is a good starting place if you are going to ride a bicycle on this loop.  You can park your car in the parking lot at the community and ride from there.  If you are in a car, just get on CR216 and follow it all the way to TX16 (about 8 miles).  Following are pictures from the CR216 segment of the trip.

Phlox and pencil cactus on Llano CR216

Striking show of all sorts of yellow flowers and an Oak.

Bluebonnets in bloom, Lockhart Mountain in the background.

Watch for Zebras on the left!

This flock of turkies is often seen on the right shortly after the zebras are on the left!

Phlox on CR216, east of the Little Llano

Early blooming bluebonnets on March 12,2012 on CR216 east of the Little Llano.

Little Llano Creek is flowing nicely!

The climb out of the Little Llano can be a little intense for a short distance on a bicycle, but is pretty whether driving or cycling!

This picture was taken on March 12, 2012. I drove past here on March 21 and the field looks intensely blue now.

There are many fields of yellow, blue and green on CR216, eventually bringing you to TX16.  Take a right there and proceed north about a mile to the cutoff to CR226.

Take CR226 to the right off TX16 northbound.

CR226 goes right! CR226A goes straight. Go right.

Early blooms on March 12.

Elsie looked sorta nervous about cyclists passing by!

CR226 is really pretty.

One of several low water crossing. My bicycle is a Catrike so I just get cooled off. Watch for slippery spots if you are on 2 wheels.

Bluebonnets on Llano CR226 in early March 2012

It is nice to see so much water!

CR226 is is surrounded by hills with lots of bluebonnets. They were just starting to open in early March.

The pavement ends at the San Saba county line. Time to turn around!

On the way back to TX 16 I took one more picture then rode south on TX16 to CR215 (about 6 miles).

Bluebonnets as I headed back south on CR226 on my way to TX16.

The shoulders of TX16 were covered with bluebonnet plants just about to bloom.  I took no pictures on that segment but when I went back on march 21 the shoulders were spectacular.  Hopefully we can add some pictures from that soon.

The flowers on CR215 were starting to bloom and have since really opened up.  These pictures show it as is was on March 12, early in the blooming cycle.


This field, on CR215, is just covered with plants about to bloom as of March 12th.

Yet more Bluebonnets on CR215

Nice picture! Cactus reflected in the water in the ditch near the summit on CR215.

Bluebonnets, yellow flowers and red-fruited pencil cactus on CR215

As previously mentioned, the route covered by this post has experienced further wildflower development since March 12th.  Don’t miss the season while you think about riding or driving this route.  Just do it!

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5 responses to “Wildflower Route – West of Lake Buchanan 2012

  1. Hi Don,
    a great suggestion for a spring bike ride: thanks! Maybe I can come up there some time soon and ride the route.
    Safe bicycling,

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